Train from Sydney to Broken Hill, Video. Part Two: Lithgow to Bathurst

Lithgow to Bathurst

Here is the second video instalment of the exciting (sarc) train journey we took to Broken Hill. This (part two) is the line from Lithgow to Bathurst. As I said in the earlier post it is mostly rolling green pastures. Very similar to the countryside in the UK in fact. This area is indeed dominated by farming.

I decided to keep these videos short as they take up a lot of memory and time to save etc… (Etc = lots of crap tech stuff. Basically videos in the blog are a pain in the a**e)

Excuses, excuses…

I am not sure what the view was from the right hand side of the train but Bathurst town centre was on the other side of the train so apologies if this is a little boring…

Anyway, enjoy…

If you haven’t already read the detailed posts about the journey…
Hopefully these videos will compliment the two part blog post of the journey. You can read part one here and part two here.

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