“That Was The Best Weekend of My Life”

How would you define the best weekend of your life? Well here’s what we did last weekend that gave my son reason to describe it in those slightly dramatic words… As only a young child can.

Saturday was Party Day

Although his seventh birthday was over a week before we had organised a little party for him on the Saturday so that his school mates had enough notice. After looking at a few possible venues and activities we went for something a little different. We held the party at a place called Cartoon Kingdom.

A morning of cartooning for the small group of friends he invited. We invited eight but only five could make it. No worries. In fact even better as the kids then had more attention from the cartoon teachers. they generally come to you with all the materials but a our place is too small (too cluttered really!) they were willing to accommodate the small group of kids. Here is a link to their website: https://www.illustrating-man.com/

As it was so different from the usual monkey house play areas these kids go to for parties, I think they really enjoyed it. They all made their own unique cartoon design baseball cap too. Here is the one Dani made… A great party souvenir for the summer sun.

Cartoon Design Baseball cap

After a bit of birthday cake everyone dispersed. But we had another party to go to. So off we went to the apartment of one of Dani’s mums’ colleagues – it was his sons (21st) birthday. That was an afternoon of eating, drinking and playing games. And of course Dani received lots more presents.

From being a little worried about him missing his family in Europe over his birthday I had now gone to thinking that he had far too many presents and where was he going to keep them. There’s no pleasing some people is there? Typical old parent stuff eh..


After a morning playing with some of his new toys on a local beach – one was a frisbee – we still needed to make it to the pet store before it closed. We had prepared the small aquarium and now needed some fish to put in it. After a lot of persuasion Dani decided for the small tetra fish. Just as well as I doubt anything else would have survived this long (now 4 days)…

They are in there somewhere… honest

So now he has his first pets. Let’s see how long they survive. On the plus side of course they are actually quite relaxing to watch. I also have learned quite a bit already – having never had tropical fish before, so it’s all good stuff… We are already looking at adding a couple of new fish, a different species.

By the end of day, after practicing some of his newly acquired cartoon drawing skills, Dani laid back and came out with it: “That was the best weekend of my life.”

So there you go. that’s how a seven year old sees it. Funny, and a little over dramatic I think. However, it was quite a busy two days. I’m just glad he like it. How was yours?

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