Only a Few Days Left of School…

It is hard to believe that Dani’s school year – his first in Australia – is coming to an end. It really doesn’t seem 10 months ago that we took him for his first day in a new school, in a new county. I think it is fair to say that he has settled in quite well. Kids that age do settle in easily to new environments. Even if they think it is the end of the world having to move schools. Although in this case his new school was at the other end of the world!!

As this week draws to an end he only has three more days left as they finish on Wednesday of next week.

Big Friday

“Next Friday is a massive day dad”. So he told me last week. The reason it was such a huge deal was that the school prize-giving day for various things such as singing and musical instruments. It was also the school House awards. There are three Houses all named after local beaches; Bondi, Bronte and Coogee. When he arrived in the school he was put in Coogee and would you believe it they won the House competition this year. So all members of Coogee house got to go to the cinema on Friday. In the case of Dani’s year they had the choice of swimming lessons or cinema – as Friday is their physical education day. It’s not difficult to know which one most went for is it? Going to the cinema is so much not school, even when compared to going to an off-campus swimming centre.

Which reminds me, I also took the opportunity to go to the cinema on Friday and have a review to post for the movie ‘Fatman’. Watch out for it…

Belt Grading

It was also a big day for the kids who take Taekwondo as an extra curricular activity. They had their belt grading. For Dani it was just his first belt but he was very excited about his yellow belt. Let’s hope he maintains an interest in that kind of activity as it definitely does a lot for youngsters. It is not only great for fitness and self defence but also for discipline.

It turned out that Dani’s grading would not be until Tuesday. Not such a massive Friday then after all…

School Holidays

So now we are at the big summer holidays. He has almost two months off school and some of the places we thought about visiting are once again re-opening and then re-closing their borders. Yes it’s that bloody covid-1984 crap again!

There seems no end to the amount of crap the politicians will come out with. Like the virus really is something we should be scared of – which for the vast majority of the population it really is not. Anyway, we are making some kind of plans for a trip to South Australia but that particular state suddenly seems to have had a load of “cases”. What??!! After ten bloody months? Who are they kidding? It truly is pathetic. Why would the state governments continue to stop tourism into their states during the school summer holidays? It makes no sense at all.

Plans B and C are being prepared as I type. You can be sure there will be a few posts about our adventures. Wherever those may be…

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