What a Scorcher! I never saw that one coming.

Yesterday was officially the first day of summer – in Australia. OK, I know it really isn’t the first day of summer geographically or whatever other way you look at it but here in Australia that’s what they do – start seasons on the first day of a month…


Last weekend was the final weekend of Spring and it was the hottest 48 hours in 60 years, according to one news report I heard on the radio. Temperatures rose to about 43 degrees Centigrade (that’s well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in old money).

We are used to temperatures reaching over 40 degrees (C) during the summer in Madrid but this weekend really caught us by surprise. This spring had been relatively cool with recent temperatures only in the early 20s over the past couple of weeks.

It can get even warmer in Spain if the wind comes off the Sahara desert. In the case of Sydney the hot winds come from the western interior. The hot red centre. Last weekend those winds were enough to push back the sea breeze – apparently. All I know for sure is that it was bloody hot!

Poor Reporting…

In the UK the BBC news reported it as the highest temperature ever!!! Typical BBC lies and bullshit I’m afraid. I am not sure why the media lie about such things. It is a bit like the fires here last summer. Of course there were fires (there are every year) but before we arrived here the news reports in Europe would have you believe that all of Australia was ablaze and the city of Sydney was about to go up too. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Last Day of School

And so today is Dani’s last day of the school year. He never missed a day and only spent one day at home on the “remote learning” Google App thing – whatever the hell it was called. No other kid attended school for as many days. They used to give out some kind of prize when I was in school for that kind of full attendance. Very few ever achieved it I seem to recall.

Hopefully in a couple of days we will be off to Dubbo and on to Lightning Ridge on another adventure holiday. But first I need to sort out the car… Oh the joys of motoring…

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