TV Show Review – Buddy Thunderstruck

I am not sure how or why I never heard about this one until very recently, but it definitely needs sharing. The kid’s TV series on Netflix called Buddy Thunderstruck is the new favourite for my son. And I love it!

Buddy and his co-stars are stop motion puppets. The style of filming reminded me of the old road safety films featuring Tufty the squirrel. Admittedly only British people over a certain age would get that. For anyone else out there just think Fantastic Mr. Fox – that 2009 stop motion movie.


Buddy is a bit of a hometown hero in the town of Greasepit. In his own mind however he is a total legend; and that is the key to its comedy value.

Netflix billed the show as the ‘outrageous, high-octane adventures of Buddy Thunderstruck, a truck-racing dog who brings guts and good times to the town of Greasepit’. Yeah. That about sums it up. It is very funny and definitely as much for adults as it is for kids although it is certified as PG (parental guidance)

Buddy is some kind of alsatian-like dog who races trucks and thinks he is above the law and sort of lives in his own celebrity bubble. His mechanic and side-kick is a ferret called Darnell who sports an Elvis-like quiff and sideburns.

Buddy Thunderstruck. Legend (in his own mind at least).
Scene from one of the shows.
Darnell – Mechanic and side-kick to Buddy.

Whatever adventures and disasters the two get involved in, Buddy always emerges as the blameless hero. Even when he has brushes with the local law enforcement.

Sayings and Style

With sayings like “Fart nugget” and “I’m going to customise your butt crack” it was never intended for young children. Apparently, it was aimed at tweens (erm, ok) and teens but should appeal to most adults.

It looks like they only made the one series which is a real shame. It is easily the best kids TV show I have seen for quite some time. This line from one of the episodes sums up the fast-paced, mad-capped style of the show: “This is a fight to the death so if there’s any children in the audience put them on your shoulders so they can get a better view.”

There are 12 episodes plus an interactive special to be found on Netflix. Check them out. Even though it is three years old the offbeat nature of the show is a refreshing change in these PC times. I am sure you will have a good laugh…

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