Email Mania

In these days of (anti) social media and mobile phones most people hardly use emails any more. It’s all twitter, facebook and instagram (whatever that is). Still not really sure what’s the difference between facebook and instagram???

Not to be put off Dani now has an email account. And at least for now it is a novel form of entertainment. His mum’s idea not mine I hasten to add.

I wonder how long it will be before he gets fed up of it. He has been sending me emails and telling me to check my email account. TELLING ME! Apart from the obvious, I keep telling him that they are not instantaneous and can take some time to get through. Also if you have something to say just tell me… All the usual stuff. But he still loves it. Probably because he has the iPad in his hands. It’s like a dummy to a baby. The (apparent)  soothing effect it has is only equalled by the exact opposite when you finally prise it out of his hands.

That gives me an idea. I will email him to stay calm when we tell him to get off those bloody emails – and hence the iPad. But I have just realised that he will now use “checking his emails” as an excuse to get on the iPad every day. Just when I had told him he was not having it all school holidays. Oh nooooo….


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