So much for this: UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011

I just found this in my list of Blog draft versions. What you see below I wrote back on 2nd April shortly after the UK had ushered in the first lockdown and major panic of this ridiculous Covid-1984 thing.  Almost nine months later I found it, re-read it and added some comments in italics, just as a way of marking how well my predictions and thoughts back in April were. Take a look…

Amazingly you can still download that “strategy” document from the link (below). Surprised it hasn’t been taken down? I am.

UK Government Document from 2011

Unreal. This document is the one and only government document that addresses what will be done during a flu pandemic. The whole strategy was done in response to the (first) SARS scare in 2010. Remember that one? When various governments and the World Health Organisation tried to frighten everyone. Saying that there was going to be a pandemic and millions were going to die? That one didn’t work did it? But they learned a lot from it as clearly this one did work (for them).

They produced this strategy document in case it happened (again). I would urge you to take a look at it and compare it with what the government actually did:

Some Examples from the Strategy Document…

Sections 4.18 to 4.22 look fairly calm don’t they? A calm and logical approach that you might expect from our leaders. Not a headless chicken approach. Right? Well keep reading…

Section 7.4  – under “Business as usual”  – basically says that the government wants the country to carry on as normal as long as possible while taking basic precautions. Also that there are (or were) no plans to close borders stop gatherings…

Yes. It really says those things! In other words, Don’t Panic! (But panic they did!)

Sections 4.12 to 4.17 discuss facemasks and respirators. (At the time I had no idea how they would cut straight through this plan and force everyone to wear the mask muzzle.)

There was even a mention of emergency powers in clause 7.30. In this clause the strategy says that even if emergency powers are enacted they will only last for 30 days. In fact it goes as far as to say that such emergency measures are “designed to be time bound” to those 30 days.

Compare that with what happened…

That’s 30 days of emergency powers. Not 6 months and definitely not 2 years!! They didn’t even try to implement these measures they just leap-frogged them and jumped straight in to emergency powers overriding the 30 day rule in section 7.30 for f*ck sake!

At the first sign of it being a pandemic the government should have used what they already had at their disposal. But they didn’t. There was a huge knee-jerk reaction. More follow-the-leader and copying other countries’ actions instead of trying to implement what they already had in place. – since 2011!!! The government panicked. Massively freaked out and fucked us all over. How can that not be deliberate? (I am claiming this one! I was and still am 100% correct on this.)

As for the new ‘Coronavirus Act’ – yes they really do call it that – it gets much, much worse. In place for 2 years (if they wish) with a review after 6 months. But get this. They can change it to whatever ministers want it to be at any time during the so called ‘crisis’. Basically it is carte-blanche for totalitarian governance. With no further parliamentary agreement they can suddenly declare that you can never leave your house. Not for exercise nor even to buy food. Obviously they would have to have some rationed delivery service in place otherwise people would just tell them where to go (in no uncertain terms). But the point is they can do this type of thing at any time. Such is the extreme dictatorial power they have just given themselves. (If I had published this post back in April you may have laughed at this point. Who’s laughing now?)

This really is a bad time for liberty and freedom. Many have warned against it. I guess we will have to ride it out and see which way it actually goes. For the time being at least. I think they have seriously misjudged people’s patience. But then maybe that is the whole point. Maybe this is just a test. Pushing it so far just to see what the reaction of the people will be? (I think I was spot on with this one.)

Maybe this is some kind of push towards this ‘zero carbon’ economy they have been talking about? I really would not write off anything at the moment. Whatever it is, it will surely start to become clear – or unravel – in the next few weeks. (Aha… almost ten months on and we are still nowhere nearer knowing what is really going on. In fact the governments – some more than others – have stopped trying to be honest and are just making things up as they go.)

You really never know. These are very testing times..(Well that part was correct.)

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