The Big NSW Outback Adventure

It is the first day of 2021 and we are packing for our summer holiday. A two week road trip around the New South Wales Outback.

The planned route is ambitious I will admit. Half the battle is getting out to western NSW. Plus the long haul return back to Sydney of course.

Heading Out to the Outback…

On the way out we intend to go via a part of NSW we haven’t seen yet. Via the north eastern inland area of NSW. Once as far north as Narrabri the route will take us west to Walgett (a town Dani and myself passed through on the way to and from Lightning Ridge). Continuing west as far a Bourke, apparently the quintessential outback town (we shall see).

Outback New South Wales planned route – Part One

From Bourke we will have to play it by ear as the weather will play a big part in which roads (or dirt tracks) we can or can’t take. We do not have a Four-Wheel-Drive vehicle! That said many unsealed roads are passable for two wheel drive cars. It will depend on how much rain there is.

The safer/easier option from Bourke is to head south to Cobar then west again to Wilannia. From Wilcannia it’s north again to White Cliffs. The original trip we wanted to do was in South Australia visiting the famous mining town of Coober Pedy. White Cliffs is meant to be similar in many ways to Coober Pedy with underground dwellings built by the miners so as to avoid the harshness of the outback heat. Again, we shall see.

Return to Broken Hill

For Dani and me the next part of the trip is a return to old ground. Broken Hill. Not that we are too bothered. We both loved it there. For Dani’s mum however it is a first visit to the “Silver City” area.

On our first trip to Broken Hill – by train – we missed the final train stop of Menindee as the sun had set. The Menindee town and area is now on our hitlist.

Then it will be back to Broken Hill and south on the ‘Silver City Highway’ to Wentworth which sits on the meeting point of two of Australia’s most famous rivers the Murray and the Darling. The Murray river in this region also forms the border with the state of Victoria, so a possible visit into Victoria may be on the cards.

Mungo National Park

The Wentworth area is also a launchpad to the Mungo National Park. From what I have read about Mungo it looks and sounds amazing. It is described as one of Australia’s most soulful places and the most accessible slice of the true outback.

Then it is mostly about the long return drive to Sydney. No real route planned yet but probably via a night in Goolgowi. From there on there are a couple of options… But it will be mostly driving.

Outback New South Wales planned route – Part Two (and return)

The big adventure begins tomorrow morning – early (which will no doubt annoy Dani who loves his sleep). As stated above it is an ambitious trip covering well over 3600 kilometres (taking in to account little detours and local routes) and at least 40 hours driving. It will be tough for sure but the rewards should be worth it.

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