One Year In Australia

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of our arrival in Australia. Hardly a great year for most people around the globe was it? Yet on reflection I think we have managed to see and do as much as possible. All in New South Wales though, not the rest of the country. That still gives us plenty of scope though.

Bathurst and Surrounds

Right now we are staying in the town of Bathurst where we will be for Australia Day (26th Jan.). There will be blog posts to come about this place and the surrounding area as well as catching up on the other adventures we have had during Dani’s long school summer holiday. Then of course there is his return to school coming up at the end of the week.

A Year of Lockdowns etc…

In Australia we certainly seem to have escaped the worst of the dreaded “lockdowns” and other virus related nonsense (unless you were in Melbourne). .There is still plenty I don’t agree with in the handling of all that but in New South Wales I think we have been lucky (if that is the correct word to use?). That said, I am still not a fan of Sydney and would much prefer to live outside of the city.

Whichever way I look at it though, that year definitely went bloody quick

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