Back to School – Year 3

It was back to school this morning. Year 3 for Dani. Not that he was interested. It took me ages to get him out of bed and despite setting the alarm one hour and forty five minutes before his start time he was still late. But only by a minute or two. But so were a lot of other kids, all arriving about the same time.

They have changed the classes around so most of the ‘friends’ (and I use that word in the facebook kind of way) he had last year will be in different classes. They all mix for some things however, like sports for example. At that age they make and change ‘friends’ so easily it may as well be facebook. We shall see soon enough if he still likes school this year. I am expecting that he won’t.

Where did those eight weeks of summer holidays go? Still, only two months till the next school holidays…

On that note…

Well sort of on that note. I heard on the radio this morning that the Queensland premier (some typically jumped up politician by the name of Annastacia Palaszczuk) has agreed to re-open the border to people from Greater Sydney. That’s very gracious of her isn’t it? Just as the kids go back to school she is on TV telling people to come to Queensland for a holiday. What a c*nt! These clowns have been playing politics with this covid situation from day one. Now she is trying to pretend to help the tourism industry in Queensland? Yeah right!

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