Bronte Gully and Beach

I wrote this post ten months ago in May of 2020 but for some reason never posted it. I took the same walk today and so I have added a few photos and comment at the end of this original post. Even though last May we were supposedly in the grip of a lockdown (not that there ever has been one really here), it was definitely more crowded than it was today. Very odd, especially considering today the weather was perfect.

Anyway here is the original post…

The weather took a surprising turn for the better today (Weds) so I went for a lunchtime walk to Bronte Beach.

Bronte Gully

The gully is a 3.5 hectare area of natural beauty containing lush native vegetation. The gully leads down steep slopes from Bronte Road and Murray Road to a flat grass park then onto Bronte beach. The area is an green oasis between the urban area and the beach. There are many similar areas of natural parkland all over the Sydney area.

Within 15 minutes (at my pace) of leaving the house I was here at the waterfall.

Bronte Gully Waterfall
Trees in Bronte Gully

Bronte Gully Walk

Bronte Beach & Baths

It takes a few minutes to walk down the gully and onto the open park of grass that lies in front of the beach. Bronte beach is smaller than its neighbour Bondi but definitely less crowded.

The Bronte baths ocean pool is only 30 metres but again it is less crowded than its more well known 50 metre neighbour, Bondi Icebergs pool. What’s more Bronte Baths is free. When open that is. Like most things at the moment this baths was closed. We have managed to swim in this one though not long after we first arrived in Sydney.

Bronte Baths

The beach was open for surfers and swimmers only. There were plenty of them too. Like any normal day before this virus started closing things. There were some larger than normal waves today also. Almost 3 metres tall. Which made watching the surfers a bit more interesting.

Waves of up to 3 metres today
Surfers crowd the waves

A very pleasant walk to a nice spot.

10 months later…

I took the same walk today. The beach and rock pool were both officially open (as they have been for some time now) but the area was much less crowded. There were far fewer surfers in the water also. Quite odd really.

Bronte baths rock pool
A wave breaks over the wall of the pool
A strangely quiet Bronte beach

Waves break over the pool wall.

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