Children’s Books and The ‘Cancel Culture’

Here is another of those articles I started writing and never posted (first written in November 2018! Wow!) In this case I think I got pissed off reading something about long since deceased children’s author Enid Blyton. It was to do with more censorship of her books or characters. I really don’t recall exactly. Anyway only last week we have seen another similar thing happening with that old kids favourite Dr. Seuss. He too has fallen foul of the cancel culture idiots. And guess what? I am really pissed off about it.

First here is the original post I wrote about Enid Blyton…

Books, Old and New…

I have recently started reading Enid Blyton to Dani. For those who do not know, Enid Blyton was a prolific children’s writer from the mid 1920s through to her passing away in 1968. Known by just about everyone in the UK and probably most of the English speaking world.

I had recently found a couple of classic Blyton books in a second hand shop. Part of the same series of stories; ‘The Enchanted Wood’ (written in 1939) and ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ (written in 1943). Both penned before Dani’s nanna was even born. I started with The Magic Faraway Tree. Now obviously ‘The Enchanted Wood’ was the first in this series so I should have started with that one. But before any of you Enid Blyton fans out there jump all over me there is a valid reason: (In typical Blyton style) To my complete astonishment I simply couldn’t find The Enchanted Wood.

The works of Enid Blyton have come in for a lot of scrutiny at the hands of the politically correct brigade since I first read them when I was a young boy.  They were written in a different time when political correctness meant something more like a politician actually doing the job they were elected to do (if it meant anything at all). The books are littered with phrases like “how queer!”, “very peculiar” and with children named Dick and Fanny (common names back then of course).

Newer issues of the same Enchanted Wood books have the names changed to Rick and Franny. Crazy stuff, especially when you consider that the Dick of Enid Blyton’s most famous series of stories – The Famous Five – remains a Dick (so to speak). So why have they changed the boy’s name in the Enchanted Wood series? There really is no sensible explanation.

The works of Blyton have come under attack several times over the years. From the Golliwogs in her Noddy stories to harmless old fashioned character names. The reality is that Blyton’s books are pure innocence and no harm or offence could possibly have been intended. I just wish people would leave these things alone. Sadly not much chance of that these days. This is the world my boy is growing up in.

Now for Dr. Seuss.

The six Dr. Seuss books and how they have been deemed “offensive”

Last week the works of that classic children’s stories Theodore Seuss Geisel – aka Dr. Seuss – came in for criticism by the cancel culture lot. Yes, the writer of books such as The Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks and Green Eggs and Ham and many other whacky works of literature loved by young and old alike.

One Example…

McElligot’s Pool? Personally I have never heard of it. But what the hell can anyone find offensive about an Eskimo standing outside an igloo in a kid’s book? Don’t those dumb, ice dwelling, seal smelling, penguin eating scumbags build igloos any more? Oops! Well, there’s the proof. Those Dr. Seuss books that I did read must have had a really bad effect on me…. (That was a bit of sarcasm by the way.)

In case you are interested here is the McElligot’s Pool book read out in a video I found on YouTube…  Maybe you can see it before it is “taken down”…

McElligot’s Pool by Dr. Seuss. The “offensive” bit is about 4:30 in.

Here is another one. Dr. Seuss’s first book apparently, And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street. Viewer Warning: disgusting, vile and horrendous levels of racism. Nah, only joking. Totally inoffensive.

And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss

Whatever next?

But seriously. Where will this bullshit end? I think I know the answer to that one. I read it in the same newspaper editorial comment in fact. It stated that only five years ago Michelle Obama, wife of then President of the USA Barak Obama, made a big deal of Dr. Seuss and how his books were great for children. The president himself was also a vocal fan of the Doc’s work. Now, only five years on, the new president Joe Biden is keeping his head down while Dr. Seuss is getting slaughtered by the PC/woke brigade. The point being that anything can change so radically in such a short space of time. The editorial suggested that maybe even Obama will be cancelled by these lunatics in the near future.

Interesting isn’t it? Let’s hope these fools end up disappearing up their own arseholes and cancelling themselves in the process.

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