Floods in Australia

By now the rest of the planet is probably aware that there has been plenty of rain and floods in many areas of Australia. Particularly the east coast and more specifically New South Wales.

Not exactly a new thing…

A similar thing happened just over a year ago. It was a perfect opportunity for the opposition parties to have a go at the country’s Prime Minister. Blame him for the floods? Yes. There is no depths that these low life politicians will stoop to. They had already been blaming him for the dry period and more specifically for the many forest fires that had occurred – mainly before we arrived last year. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of the PM but pleeeeaaase!!!! As if any politician is in charge of the weather.!!! About this time last year he would have continued to get a load of shit for the rain but then that coronavirus showed up. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Apparently – from people I have spoken to – it is quite normal to get a couple of years of wet autumns following a particularly dry period. So this was to be expected (as far as I can tell).

Also, just like the whole country was not on fire just over a year ago, the whole of Australia is NOT under water now. Yes, there are thousands who have been evacuated from their homes (many as a precautionary measure) but the vast majority of them are living on flood plains. Yes. That’s right. It is as simple as that. There has been a shit load of rain and many houses have been flooded. Mainly on the banks of large rivers. So let’s not turn this into some end of world event. And definitely let’s not mention that “C” change word eh? Because that’s bollocks as well.


Today the sky was mostly clear and blue. The sun shone and the temperatures reached 30ºC. That’s 86ºF in old money (or American dollars – as the USA still works in Fahrenheit). Not bad for an autumn day. A huge change from the constant rain of the last seven days or more.

Plenty of people took to the beaches and the waves today in Sydney. You would think the sun hadn’t shone for a week. And in fact it hadn’t. It has rained continuously for a whole week. There has been talk of 50 year flood levels even 100 years. Who knows? But the reservoirs had to fill up some time. It is just not a regular occurrence like it is in, say, northern Europe.

Maroubra Beach at 5pm today. Anyone would think the sun hadn’t shone for a week.
Mahon rock pool, just north of Maroubra Beach

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