‘Man vs Food’ near Sydney’s Primary Water Source

The Damn Dam was Close… But What a Find!

After all the rain we have had I thought it would be a good idea to go up and see the main reservoir for supplying Sydney. It lies to the west of Sydney. It’s called Lake Burragorang and the water is held back by a large construction known as the Warragamba Dam. As luck would have it every route near the dam – which is normally open to the public – was closed. We were not the only tourists trying to get a look at the full reservoir. Quite a few people had the same idea as myself and many cars were turning back at the sight of locked gates. We will try again in a few weeks time.

It was lunchtime so we decided to find somewhere local. And what a great little restaurant we found.

Pietro’s Italian Restaurant 

Normally I would have thought that was a wasted trip. Over an hour out of the city. But then we stopped to find somewhere to eat. And we found a little gem!

Pietro’s Italian Restaurant is in the small village of Warragamba. The village was only constructed in 1940 as a worker’s settlement for construction of the dam. We had a quick look inside and it was getting busy. It seemed like they were expecting a few large pre-booked parties but they had one table free. From my first quick scan of the joint I knew we should take it.

Like Man vs Food!

Saturday nights and Sunday lunchtime Pietro’s has a set menu; $70 per person for a nine course meal. Some of those plates are not large but others would be enough on their own for many people. This was like that American TV show Man vs Food. Great! Fantastic! What more can I say?

The quantity was never in question. There was no way we were going to eat everything. When the final dish turned up – a 12 inch pizza! – I just had to ask if we could take it away with us. The quality was very high also. This was a great find and a return is definitely going to happen. Only next time I want to pre-book and intend to take more time and make the meal last a lot longer.

For the record we had:

Cold meat and cheese
Fillet steak
Pasta dish with bolognaise sauce
Pork belly with a large plate of chips
Large Pizza
Meat with potatoes and peas

One of the larger dishes of meat potatoes and peas
Not a great photo but these calamari were as tender as I have ever tried.

Before all that they even served up a plate of meatballs in Napoli sauce as an appetizer! A meal in itself for some! Absolutely amazing if your a food lover. Ultimately it was 10 dishes/plates/courses. It was all fantastic but the pork belly and calamari were particularly excellent. We ended up taking away a full pizza and half of the past and calamari dishes. That will be more than enough for an evening meal at home.

The untouched pizza
The complimentary meatballs – almost gone.

So as a soon as we can visit the dam I will book a table for this huge feast at Pietro’s. Maybe I should get into training. I can start by watching a few episodes of Man vs Food…

Here is a link to the restaurant: https://pietroitalianristorante.com.au/index.php

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