ANZAC Day 2021 in Huskisson, Jervis Bay

Sunday was ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. Last year it was more or less cancelled due to that covid nonsense. This year there were plenty of ANZAC parades with lots of people in attendance. We were in Jervis Bay to witness a very community friendly march and service to commemorate those who gave their lives for the freedom we still enjoy. A freedom that allows us to celebrate such days.

Sailors gather for a drink before the parade

ANZAC Day at HuskissonĀ 

The small seaside town of Huskisson was the setting for the ANZAC Day parade. This little town sits more or less in the centre of the various Jervis Bay communities. It is the centre for tourism in the bay area and it is easy to see why it is such a popular spot for holidays and short breaks.

Personnel from the local Naval base
The Fire Service pipe band provided the marching music.
More Navy Personnel

Around the bay to the south lies an Australian Royal Navy base so the naval forces were well represented. There were plenty of ex-servicemen who took part in recent conflicts and those right back to the Vietnam war. As a British born person I forget that Australia took part in that war. Whatever the outcome and whatever anyone may say about that war the men fighting there were trying to help the Vietnamese. Fighting for their freedom. Many Vietnamese eventually made Australia their home.

Vietnam War veterans

The local State Emergency Services (SES) also took part. These are the people that rescue you if your area gets flooded and put their lives on the line to fight wild forest fires. Both of these disastrous events have occurred over the past twelve months in this area. Many of these brave people are volunteers.

State Emergency Services (SES) representatives

Several local schools joined in the march paying their respects to those that lost their lives. That was nice to see.

Great to see the local schools taking part in the parade
Another local school in the parade

The short march ended at the town’s war memorial where there was a service. The event was well attended and it was a real pleasure to witness the strong community spirit. The area certainly did the ANZACs proud this year. Well done Huskisson and the Jervis Bay area.

Dani posing next to a 1950s Chevrolet before the parade.

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