Another Word on ANZAC Day 2021

While we commemorated an excellent ANZAC Day with a fairly large gathering of people, other parts of Australia were not so lucky. In Victoria (that most communist of states in Australia it has to be said) old aged veterans were barred from attending services as the numbers were strictly limited. To 400 – or was it 4000? Anyway the crowd size limit was relatively small. So many veterans and indeed many other citizens were unable to really take part.

Yet later in the same day a crowd of 75,000 attended an Aussie Rules Football game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (aka MCG). Unbelievable right? The same state officials allowed this to happen were the ones locking out old veterans wanting to pay their respects to their fallen comrades. It beggars belief doesn’t it?

In Western Australia…

Meanwhile in Western Australia (WA) they have recently had a Covid panic. Apparently a few tested positive (whatever the hell that even means these days) in hotel quarantine. I think. Again, as I pay such little attention to the propaganda bullshit news these days I may not be fully accurate with that but it’s close enough. The knee jerk reaction of the WA “leaders” was to close the state border and lock everyone down (again) for several days. This included ANZAC Day.


These people are lunatics. Idiots. They allow 75,000 to watch a game then come out with random (new) figures each week for how many can attend a wedding or funeral. And then whether or not they can dance or sing at these events. Really! They must sit around a table once a week while one person selects an event/activity card blindly from a sack (at random like a prize draw) while another presses a random number generator button for how many people can take part in said selected event. At least I hope that’s how they do. Because the alternative is too scary. If they are sitting in an office thinking they are producing these numbers scientifically and correctly then we have truly had it! It is utter madness.

But who are the real fools? The fools who make the stupid rules or the fools who follow them?

Anyway. Time to climb off my soap-box again…For now… Enjoy the week ahead.

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