First Teeth Lost

Dani lost his first teeth today. Finally. I suppose that is some kind of milestone in his young life. They were pulled out by a dentist. A robbing bastard of a dentist to be exact. No longer a full set of baby (milk) teeth. Mind you, the two new lower incisors were already there growing behind – like a shark!

Tooth Fairy vs Ratoncito Pérez

In the UK (Anglo world in general) the tooth fairy comes for your lost teeth. In Spain it’s a mouse. A character called Ratoncito (little mouse) Pérez. Not sure who gives the most money per tooth. Is it the fairy or the mouse? What is the going rate these days for a milk tooth?

Dani informed me that in his old school in Madrid, Ratoncito Pérez left one of his friends some Lego under the pillow. Lego! That’s more than the one or two dollars I had in mind. That’s settled then. No mice getting in here tonight. Mouse traps set and fairies only.

Forget the tooth fairy. These people are thieves. 

I thought that his four lower front teeth needed to come out but in the end only two. It cost $360 for two teeth pulled. In fact, just twisted slightly, hardly any effort. It would have taken less than a minute to pull the other two FFS! Now it will (probably) need another visit (2 hours +) and of course, more importantly than that, another $360. What a robbing bastard!

I have been in the wrong game all my life. I wonder if there are any online dentistry courses I can take? Or maybe jut learn it off YouTube? I am sure there are dentistry Apps! There’s easy money in pulling teeth. First lesson: Tying string to door handle!

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