This is what a real pandemic looks like

In case you were wondering what a real pandemic looks like… Watch this docu-drama (docu-movie?), called After Armageddon. It was first aired around the year 2000. Here is a youtube link to one of the places you can find it:  (There will be other links on youtube and similar platforms.)

This movie has come and gone since the covid scamdemic began. But now it is back up on youtube for you to watch (or at least it was the last time I looked). I first mentioned this back in April of last year when the first “waves” and first lockdowns kicked in. The initial fear-mongering campaign. Wow! Was that 16 months ago? Bloody hell! You can see what I wrote back then by clicking here. Anyway, what has happened over the past 16 months is nothing like a pandemic. And that is no thanks to lockdowns or closing borders either.

How it happens in the docu-movie…

During a real pandemic bodies would pile up quickly. Within weeks civilisation decays rapidly especially in the cities. Within a couple of months it is quite likely that many of the specialised people who operate power stations will have passed away – and when that happens the power will go off! When that happens it will probably never come back on. When power is lost the water supply will soon be lost. Your local water ring main is constantly being pumped. How will the pumps run? Never mind that; the water treatment and purification stations won’t be working. No electricity = No running water. It really is that simple. Then the thin layer of civilisation will disappear in an instant.

Tat was how it went in the docu-movie but if it was a real pandemic it is easy to see that this film is not far off the mark. Imagine what those who survive that far will do. People went crazy fighting over toilet rolls when there was never any threat of genuine shortages. Toilet roll of all things! Whatever covid is; it is not, and never was, a shitting disease. Was it?

Back to a real pandemic situation: If you did manage to find anything in the shops that hasn’t already been looted you will probably be attacked for it on your way home. Anyway, don’t get too scared. That was just a movie and despite what the politicians would have you believe this covid thing is really nothing. Seriously. Watch that docu-movie and see what a real deadly pandemic would be like.

Still think this past year is (or was ever) a real pandemic?

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