Round Up

OK, here is a round up of what has been going on in Sydney and NSW in general the past few days. Probably nothing you haven’t read in the media but here goes…

Protests? What Protests?

The planned protest never really got going in the city centre on Saturday. About 1400 police stopped anyone entering the centre basically. What a waste of resources I say. The protests managed to take place in other states however. NSW is becoming a basket case. A banana republic. When you can’t protest you are basically living in a police state.

Meanwhile it was good to see the beaches were fairly busy yesterday. That’s a kind of protest in itself. Everyone there knew they shouldn’t be there – at least according to the advice/rules of the useless politicians. They really will have to close the beaches (again) if they want to stop people going there. Also interestingly a very low key police presence. Hardly any at all… All taking the day off from a busy day of arresting anyone trying to enter the city centre yesterday? Maybe…

Dogs Shot

In rural NSW a local council has had stray rescued dogs shot rather than allow dog rescue volunteers to come and collect them from another town. All in the name of covid!

This happened in Bourke where the dogs were held in a dog pound waiting to be collected (rescued). The volunteers are in Cobar – the next town down the road but quite a distance. Despite Cobar not having recorded any “case” of covid (for whatever that may or may not be worth) the Bourke Shire council killed the dogs anyway.

Now I am not the biggest animal lover. There will be many out there that are more angry than me about this one. However, it just shows us two things. How crazy and paranoid some  people have become. But most of all it tells me how much the media is to blame for ramping up all this fear and scaremongering. They have got people in small rural towns frightened of anything or anyone from outside. I joked on this blog some weeks ago about the Monty Python bubonic plague sketch “Bring out your dead”. But the constant rolling news feeds are just propaganda deliberately to scare the public. I wonder how far off we are from a human from a big city wondering into one of these areas and being shot? You think that’s far-fetched? Well just keep reading and watching the mainstream media….


Despite there being no evidence that masks are making any difference – and enough (for me) to prove that they do nothing – we are being told that we must wear masks outdoors as of midnight tonight unless you are doing exercise. But here’s the thing. I heard (or read) that walking does not count. If walking does count as exercise I really can’t see any need to wear a mask outdoors. If you are outside you are probably walking. If you go into a shop you already have to put on a mask. Not sure how this is going to pan out but will keep an eye on it and report back.

Of course none of this is news to you if you are in the northern hemisphere. You will have gone through a year of this shit – on and off, mostly “on”! – so this is just the same covid crap finally coming to Australia. But don’t get too comfortable. Autumn is approaching and with it the next “variant” and demand for covid “booster” (although you really have to ask yourself what exactly do they think they will be “boosting”). Followed by an annual flu jab and the next covid “variant” vaccine. It will be just like these annoying news feeds full of politicians and so called “chief medical officers”: Just one little prick after another…

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