In and Around Jervis Bay – Again!

I just love this area. I could definitely live around here. I am of course talking about Jervis Bay. Here are a couple of things we got up to on our last visit there a few months ago – well before the lockdowns…

Off To The Pictures…

Finally the great little cinema – or Picture House – at Huskisson was open. It was closed  pretty much just after we arrived in Australia (due to the first part of this coronavirus crap) and remained closed on the first few visits we made to the area. At last, this time, it was open. (Although of course more recently it has been closed down again due to the latest covid farce.) But on this particular visit, while it was open, we were going.

Dani and myself went to watch Godzilla vs King Kong. The movie was OK I thought, better than I expected – although my expectations were fairly low it has to be said. But Dani loved it of course. I was going to write a review for it but then couldn’t be arsed. Suffice to say that kids of a certain age range will enjoy it.

Finally it was Open.
Popcorn for the heavyweight clash that was Godzilla vs King Kong

We later went with Dani’s mum to watch the Tom & Jerry movie. A mix of live actors and animation. I was a little sceptical beforehand and even more so afterwards… But it was OK, and once again the boy loved it. And that is what matters.

Another thing that matters (to me at least) is the survival of these great old picture houses. These kind of places disappeared in the UK decades ago. I remember (just) the last of them closing down. Australia has a surprisingly large amount of these places still and it would be a real shame if they were to close. Once closed they will never return. But with all the crap going on right now it is hard to see how this place (in particular) can survive. I will keep an eye on it – as and when we get the chance – and keep you posted.

Open for a night time screening – the wonderful Huskisson Pictures

Paddling for first time…

There are several places to hire a kayak in the area. We hired a two man (or in our case a man and a half) kayak from the café at the ferry pier in Huskisson. We paddled down the  Currambene Creek and into the mangrove swamp. Then off to a couple of secluded beaches.

You never have to go far around here to have a vast beach (seemingly) all to yourself. Forget those crowded beaches on the ‘costas’ in Europe. This is the place to come if you want a good beach.

Dani did really well and took to it very quickly. I was expecting to do most of the paddling but he actually helped me out. What’s more he enjoyed it. So that’s an activity we can do again…

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