Favourite Post versus Most Popular

Reflections on the past five and a half years of blogging…

I have been doing this blog for over five and half years now. Five years and seven months to be exact. In that time I have written over 600 blog posts and more – not all published online  but they will be printed off for my son to read. 

I thought I would write about two of the blog posts. The one that has been most popular – i.e. has been seen and read most – and my own personal favourite.

So where has this come from?

Two things brought about this particular post.

One: I am writing another post about that famous philosophical phrase “Plant a Tree, Have a Son, Write a Book” . Hopefully that will be online soon.

Two: I am currently watching one of the best western movies ever made with my son; The Good The Bad and The Ugly. When I say ‘currently watching’ I mean we are watching it in stages as, at 2 hours 41 minutes, it is too long for him to remain focussed throughout the entire movie in one sitting. We have seen about two thirds of it and will watch the last third probably tonight.


You have probably guessed that my favourite post centres around one of my favourite films. It is the post about Sad Hill Cemetery – from The Good The Bad and The Ugly movie.

I like that post because I really wanted to go to that outdoor film set, especially when I read that it had been restored more or less to its former (1968!) glory. I love that movie. Those are good enough reasons. 

The post itself features the classic scene of Tuco running around the cemetery, frantically searching for the grave of one Arch Stanton. A truly classic scene from any movie genre or era. And that haunting music. That woman’s voice. The guitar strings. Hugely successful rock band Metallica used to play it to the audience before they came on stage. They used it to wind up the crowd and also to psych themselves up before running out to perform.

In the post we made a new version with Dani playing the part of Eli Wallach’s Tuco. I know I say this from his dad’s point of view but I just love it. It makes me smile. It makes me laugh.

You can see that post here.

Most Popular

The most popular post – by a very long way – is ‘Plant a Tree, Have a Son, Write a Book’. It seems this phrase has universal appeal. From the data on the blogging site I can see that it is being viewed from countries all over the planet. Regularly. Quite interesting considering I had never heard of it before my fist job in Spain back in 1998. 

If you haven’t already seen it (or want to read it again) you can read that post here.  

Maybe I should look at getting some ads on that post. But then all that monetisation stuff was never the reason I started this blog. 

There’s another post coming soon about that famous phrase of mysterious origin, so I won’t say much more about it. Keep an eye out for that one…

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