Hot Spring Weekend in Sydney

Yesterday was a hot one. Today even more so. Sydney’s beaches have been very busy this weekend. Temperatures are set to reach 29ºC today. Supposedly the hottest early spring days for some 14 years!

Busy Beaches

So while the authorities continue with their daily scaremongering figures of “new covid cases” and various other excuses for lockdown, the people are getting fed up. When the sun comes out like this weekend the beaches were always going to get busy.

Recent weeks of this mockdown (sic) have seen variable weather. When it has been warm the beaches have been busy. And why not? It’s all part of that healthy way of life that Australia as a country has always proudly shown to the world. Well, at least that used to be the way.

A bit of vitamin D (which you only really get from the sun) is better at keeping illness at bay than most things. I won’t get into comparisons with any vaccines that may be doing the rounds these days. Suffice to say that Mother Nature is a good – if not the best – place to start. A little exercise, walk down the sands, a game of frisbee, volleyball, beach football or even a dip in the sea. All good stuff. Even surf if that’s your thing. Above all however, just enjoying life. Yes, that’s the thing eh? It has to be far better for your health than being locked up indoors.

We decided to go to one of the quieter beaches. I say “quieter” but it too was fairly crowded. By being more secluded and on the harbour side of the ocean there were no surfers, but there were lots of every other time of beach-goer. The photo doesn’t show many but it got a lot busier.

We chose this secluded beach. It did get much busier…

A bit of football and frisbee followed by a dip in the sea. That was the sporting order of play for us. Then a little snack/picnic. Finally another dip in the sea to cool off. It all seemed so normal. You could be forgiven for thinking that the lunatics were not in control of the country after all. So this is what Australia used to be like… This is why people used to love to come to this country.

This 4 foot lizard was happy relaxing in the shade. Despite being bothered by Dani and several other kids.

This mini heatwave won’t last however. Rain is forecast during the week and temperatures set to drop by 10 degrees. Until next weekend when they should rise again.

It’s good to feel human again.

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