Brownie and Coke? What!?

Dani helped his mum making brownies today. He weighed out some ingredients using the new scales and then mixed them. He was quite pleased with his work so decided I had to check it out.

“Dad. Come and look what I mixed.”
“OK, what?”
“Look” he said proudly pointing. “It’s just cocaine and flour.”
“What?” (laughing)
“Yeah cocaine and flour”
Cocoa and flour” his mum interrupted.

He laughed as if he realised what he had said. But did he?

“Do you know what cocaine is?” I asked.
“No. Not really.”
“Thought not lad.”
“It’s a drug” his mum informed him.
“Oh!” (laughing)

It made me laugh. But where did he get that from?


I really don’t recall ever mentioning the word at any time in his company. Or any time at all in the last year or so  come to that. I admit I swear in front of him. I know I shouldn’t and do try to cut that out. But mentioning the word “cocaine”? Never, as far as I can recall. I would have had no reason to. It has not appeared as the subject of anything we have watched on TV either.

So where did he get it from? He doesn’t even know himself. I can only assume it has been mentioned in one of those bloody youtube videos he watches about video games. But really not sure. His mum thinks it may be in the lyrics of some song he has heard. Maybe.

For now it remains a mystery. As long as he doesn’t go around school talking about it then I am not too concerned. It’s one of those crazy things that could end up in a visit from the police! I have heard of ‘space cake’ (cake with marijuana) but brownies with coke? It’s a new on on me…

2 thoughts on “Brownie and Coke? What!?

  1. Bless ! That’s funny. Wait till he comes back from school and upbraids you over doing a silly chinese accent as being “racist” ! That came as a surprise to me at the time.

    1. Yes I agree John. Something like that will happen. Some of the stuff he comes out with – that he obviously picks up in school – is quite bizarre already. All part of growing up. I quite like most of it but sometimes I think he is turning into a teenager way too early. I was hoping to keep that stuff at bay until he actually was in his teens. But I fear we may arrive at that crossroads sooner.

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