Beaches of Shoalhaven

The Shoalhaven area lies just over an hour’s drive south of Sydney’s southern-most suburbs.

The area covers towns such as Berry, Milton and Nowra, the Shoalhaven region administrative centre. It also includes the Jervis Bay area, Kangaroo Valley and plenty of mountains. It’s real claim to fame is having some of the best beaches in Australia – and therefore the world **

Beaches of Shoalhaven 100 Beach Challenge

The Shoalhaven City Council (which is basically in Nowra) produce the Shoalhaven Visitors Guide to encourage local tourism. The usual brochure stuff with all the main attractions in the area. At the back of the guide booklet they included this list of 100 beaches in the form of a pull-out and keep checklist.

The 100 Beach Challenge checklist

Over the last year we have only managed to visit about 20 of the 100 beaches on the beach “challenge”… None of them have disappointed.

A quick guide to the types of beaches

There is no prize for completing the “challenge”. Just some great memories of fantastic beaches. Here are just a few…

** “…the best beaches in Australia – and therefore the world…” I read that somewhere. That if there is a beach regarded as the best (or one of the best) in Australia, then by default that makes it the best (or one of the best) in the world. Obviously a touch of Australian pride, even boasting – although with good cause. Of course such claims are purely subjective but I have to say I really love the beaches of the Shoalhaven.

We definitely need to see more of those 100 beaches. When they let us back out of Sydney. We will be off…

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