Blue Mountain Beer

A quick visit to the Blue Mountains gave me the chance to stop off at one of the two craft beer brewers in the mountains, called Brew Mountains Brewery. These places are always worth recording for posterity, so here goes…

Brew Mountains Brewery

“Brew” being a play on the obvious name for a craft ale producer in this part of the world – “Blue”. Not convinced on that one personally but hey… Let’s just sample the ales eh?

This place set just off the main Great Western Highway in Valley Heights, was smaller than many we had visited. They still manage to have quite a few of their own brews on tap as well as a couple of guest beers.

I went for a tasting paddle of the first four beers on the board. Nice and simple.

I am a firm believer that people should keep an eye out for these places and give them your support. This one was definitely a good spot to pull in for a beer or two. They have food trucks on site for the two days a week they open so that was useful to soak up the ale. Remembering that I had to drive back!!

Dani borrowed some of their merch for a photo opp…
…and thought the toilet paper they used was funny

We even bought a Growler of ale to take home. Let’s hope the weather pick up. Always more enjoyable when the sun is shining……

For those outside of Australia a “Growler” holds about 2 litres

Too Early. Pleeeeaaase!

And finally: This from last week. I took this one day, maybe mid-week. It is definitely too early for Christmas decorations. Come on people! Why are they doing this? It is still almost two weeks before Halloween. Clearly the shopping centre does not intend doing anything for Halloween this year… What the heck are they playing at?

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