Kangaroo Island – Part 2

The Flinders Chase National Park and Remarkable Rocks

We stayed in an AirBnB house in a place called American River. You could barely call it a village really – more a hamlet. But it was a good base from which to explore the island.

American River village on the East coast of the island

The house itself had a lot of retro features too…

A yellow plastic sink? Yes. A first for me.

On one of our days out from here we visited the Flinders Chase National Park. To get there we passed through the village of Parndana which is pretty much smack in the centre of the island. A good place to stop for a break and fill the car up with fuel.

Parndana Post Office

One of only a few places to refuel outside of the main towns in the east of the island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, after Tasmania and Melville Island so remembering to fill up in these places is important.

Flinders Chase NP covers the west of the island. The area is mostly wild bushland but is home to several protected species and some odd geological sights. Most people come here to visit Admiral’s Arch and the Remarkable Rocks.

Admirals Arch is located close to the Cape Du Couedic lighthouse, a classic round, brick built structure that just shouts “heritage listed”. This is also a popular area for a large fur seal population.

Admirals Arch

Some of the many fur seals seen relaxing on the rocks in this part of the island…

The Casuarina Islets, also known as The Brothers

Daniel at the Arch

Remarkable Rocks

About 6km east, along the coastline you come across one of those places that actually live up to their name. The Remarkable Rocks. Remarkable indeed. The rock formations are a result of erosion over thousands of years. The rocks are the remains of the top layer of a huge granite clifftop rock.

Remarkable Rocks visible from Admirals Arch area

Definitely one of the more impressive sights we have seen. Not unlike Uluru in some ways – smaller of course but the drop off to the sea on one side is every bit as impressive. One good thing is that in this place visitors are still allowed to climb all over the natural structures.

There were bodies all over the rocks but it does give a sense of scale.

You could spend all day here just trying to capture the rocks from every angle and still never quite obtain the desired result. But enough of that, just take a look at the shots I managed to get.

By the end of the second day on Kangaroo Island and we still hadn’t seen any kangaroos. Incredible eh? There was always tomorrow… Stay tuned for part 3.

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