Dani is Nine

Today is Daniel’s 9th birthday. He got a fair few presents and all the usual attention a kid that age enjoys. But I thought I would do something a little different this year. A kind of musical birthday card for my son. A montage of photos (mainly) covering part of his first two and a half years here in Australia.

He is getting to that age where he is easily embarrassed by his parents so I may not get much thanks for this right now. Hopefully though he will come to like this birthday card video in years to come.

A Musical Birthday Card for Daniel
Song: El Universo Sobre Mí by Amaral

There are plenty more recent pics of course and lots of other places not shown; but there’s also too many. I had to start somewhere. Maybe next year I will bring it up to date and pick up from where this video leaves off (which was about April this year).

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