Sculptures by the Sea

This Sunday was the final day of the ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ exhibition. It is an annual event   but of course the last two years this free outdoor exhibition was cancelled (not saying that “c” word). The artwork is placed along the coastal walk between Tamarama Beach and Bondi Beach. We just caught it this year so here are some of the sculptures we saw and liked. There were plenty more and the 2km coastal walkway was packed with people.

Statues on Tamarama Beach…

The large disco ball was (perhaps understandably) very popular…

Bondi Beach was the busiest we had seen it for some time.

This coastal walk is normally fairly popular but this was a whole other level. Totally packed out. Well it was Sunday, it was sunny and this was the final day of the (free) ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ exhibition. And, judging by the way the weather has been so far this year, this time next week it will probably be raining (again)…

This was a good one. It all depends on the angle…
This one was called “Collossus”. I always thought the one carrying the planet was Atlas but hey…

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