Off To Tasmania – An Island Down-Underer

This weekend we head off on a trip to Tasmania. This is the smallest of the  Australian states – by some way. Still a fairly large island Tasmania lies about 250km south of mainland Australia, truly making it that bit more down-underer

Using our old friend you can see the size of Tasmania compared to Spain and Great Britain.

Also it’s worth breaking it down even more as Tasmania seems so small compared to other states we have visited. So here it is compared to parts of the UK plus one of the biggest and perhaps most visited region in Spain.


So even though it does not seem as big and daunting as other states, Tasmania will still be big enough for our week long trip.

Tasmania – Much Further South

Yes, it’s true that Tasmania is even more down-underer than mainland Australia. As such the weather will be cooler and potentially wetter. As usual we plan to take in as much as possible in the time we have so it will be another whistle stop tour. But there should hopefully be some great posts on the way and some awesome photos. Let’s just hope the weather holds up…

Incidentally the term “down-underer” was first used by New Zealanders who made that great comedy series Flight of The Conchords. It was never actually said (as far as I know) but appeared on tourism posters advertising New Zealand. Well the term fits equally well for Tasmania as far as I am concerned.

If you have never seen Flight of The Conchords I can highly recommend it. For me it is up there with the best ever comedy series such as Fawlty Towers, Father Ted and the like.

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