Kangaroo Island – Part 4

One from the vault here. An article I meant to publish after the other Kangaroo Island posts and somehow forgot. Anyway, as the saying goes; better late than never. So here goes…

Here is a quick rundown of some of the other places we visited and odd things that we saw on our Kangaroo Island trip. You can catch up on other places and sights by checking out the other three blog posts here  (part 1), here (part 2) and here (part 3).

Emu Bay Beach is a nice spot on the north east side of the island. It’s not far from where we hit the kangaroo/wallaby jackpot (see Part 3).

Emu Bay beach.
A place of Lost Soles – literally! Left on the beach no doubt.

Craft Beer on KI

No visit to the island would be complete without a visit to this place. KIB = Kangaroo Island Brewery. Maker of several fine craft ales. Some of which were sampled (of course).

KIB – Kangaroo Island Brewery
Simple but colorful can designs for the KIB

Silo Art on Kangaroo Island can be found near the town of Kingscote. These silos were painted fairly recently and were completed in late January 2022.

The main feature is a massive 25 metre tall Kangaroo; apparently the largest Kangaroo mural in Australia (I can believe that). On another side there is a huge Glossy Black Cockatoo. The work was painted by artists Cam Sale and Andrew Davis in only took (an almost  unbelievable) four weeks to complete.

The artists added some incredible detail to the silo towers, including limestone rocks under the Kangaroos feet. Zoom in and you can see a flock of little Corellas sitting amongst the trees.


Just a quick word about the Sand dunes at Vivonne Bay – aka Little Sahara. These were not worth the effort. Well, visit by all means as they are large enough to impress but forget about the sled/sand-boarding. It is nothing like doing it on snow and almost impossible to get any speed up to be worth talking about. I guess the same is true for any ‘sand dune boarding’ location. We went because Dani wanted to have a go. Fair play to him for wanting to try, but it was very disappointing. Save your money and just walk the dunes.

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