Sunshine Coast via Brisbane

From Grafton we took the much longer route to Brisbane via the town of Casino and the mountain pass border crossing on the winding B91 road. 


The town of Casino was initially called Cassino after Cassino (near Monte Cassino) in Italy. It is known (locally at least) as the “beef capital” of Australia. 

We had breakfast, took a quick look around then moved on.

Silo art and St. Mary’s church, Casino.

Border Crossing

It was a long drive but the scenery is worth it. The B91 road becomes route 13 once you cross the border into Queensland. All the way up to the high point border, and for some time after crossing, the sight of Mount Lindesay dominates the area. I wonder if you are allowed to climb this one?… Anyone know?

Mount Lindesay dominates the border crossing point inland . Here are 2 angles…


Before heading for a well known lookout across the city we passed by a Hindu temple. A Ganesha temple to be more exact. I have seen places like this in India but they were older. Obviously this one looks brand new and shiny as it was only opened in 2015.

It is located almost 40km south of the city centre but it was worth the slight detour. Kind of odd really as it is in a relatively remote location. The inside was very colourful but photography is not allowed. I am no one to complain about rules like that in such places. The outside of the temple is spectacular enough. judge for yourselves. 

Sri Selva Vinayakar Koyil (Ganesha) temple
More views of the temple

We only passed through Brisbane’s suburbs but we stopped at the Mount Coot-Tha Summit lookout – which offers some excellent views of the city and surrounding coast. And guess what? It was very busy. Naturally…

Mount Coot-Tha Summit Lookout

There were other angles but generally the overall view was always obscured by the rows of trees they have at the lookout point. Why the f*ck do they do that??! It really is nuts! They build roads paths fences and in this case restaurants at the lookout and allow trees to grow and spoil the f*cking views. It is a very big pet hate of mine. But time to move on and reach our destination…

Sunshine Coast – Coolum Beach

The Sunshine Coast is long and there are many towns along its length. After navigating the congested motorway to get north of the city we finally arrived at our chosen destination – Coolum Beach. Kind of half way up the length of the Sunshine Coast. Not to quiet but not as built up as one or two other resorts along this stretch of holiday heaven. Just about right for me.

Two shots of Coolum Beach, plus (top right) Maroochydore beach to lighthouse & (bottom) view to Mount Coolum

This was our base for five days and time to relax. More to come of course….

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  1. As to trees in the view, there’s been some practical action up at Hadrian’s Wall of late !

    1. Hahaa yes. I saw that . Some vandal cut that big tree down. That one was not obscuring any views as such however. In Australia there are often loads of them allowed to grow right in the line of sight of well advertised “lookouts”

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