Sculptures by the Sea – Already!?

Sculptures by the Sea – 2023

No way was that a year!?

It’s hard to believe but it really has been a year since we did the Sculptures by the Sea coastal walk from Tamarama beach to Bondi beach. Incredible! (Click here for that one). That was on the final day of the Sculptures exhibition last year (Nov. 6th). This time I saw it with some friends (Neil and Dawn) who were over from the UK.

The exhibition ends on 6th November (again), which is next weekend. Also we did this walk on a Friday. It was busy enough however. I am sure it will be as packed out as it was last year over the weekend. We kind of happened across it by accident. We were doing the full Bondi to Coogee coastal walk and I only realised what was going on when we arrived at Bondi beach.

Anyway here are some photos of this year’s Sculptures by the Sea exhibition… Enjoy.

Examples of the many exhibits..

Definitely one of my faves. A life sized gorilla

The melting ice cream van was a popular one (Tamarama beach)

Two tourists pretending to fly. Oh wait, that’s Dawn and Neil. Oops
Another life sized (and funny) one. Now I wonder who modelled for this one??

2 thoughts on “Sculptures by the Sea – Already!?

  1. As with those sodding rusty human figures they set in place in the Mersey Estuary, and that ridiculous totem-cum-graven-image-cum-phallus the Angel of the North up in Geordieland (which the knobheads up there seem to like, the dimwits), it p*sses me right off to see self-referential human statues, as though the landscape cannot live without us – FFS ! – isn’t it already obvious that we own and are wrecking the world ? Do we have to frckin’ rub it in ? (Think Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of the Apes)

    1. I actually agree with you but this exhibition is only temporary and gets people out on a scenic walk that they enjoy as much as the artwork. Many will return and do the coastal walks again.
      And that Planet of the Apes ending by the way was one of the best movie finales ever. Epic.

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