Halloween 2023

Well, it’s Halloween. Again… That came around quick (as do most things these day). It is no secret on this blog that Halloween is Dani’s favourite event. Will it still be after today? Let’s find out…

Still the best one in the area
And so it attracts a lot of kids and parents…

Once again Dani and his mate Josh went out ‘Trick or Treating’ in the neighbourhood. Plus a little beyond this year… Josh was dressed as something called Duolingo. No; me neither?. But lots of other kids recognised it as the owl that is the face of a language learning “App” called Duolingo. OK? Now we all know…

Meanwhile Dani was dressed as… well, what exactly? With that wig he looked a bit like a cross between Garth from Wayne’s World and David Bowie from Labyrinth. Even something out of that 80’s group Kajagoogoo:  Don’t ask, cos I am not telling. If you don’t know then just look it up. Still, the wig got some favourable responses from the public.

Another great effort in another busy Halloween area

I still can’t get used to the fact that it is daylight and too warm for face masks and certain other costumes. I am sure it would be the same – in reverse – for someone who grows up in the southern hemisphere and moves to the northern hemisphere. This opposite seasons thing is just something you grow up with and get so used to.

Fortunately it was not too hot today. At least when they were out and about spooking the locals.

Dani and Josh meet Indiana Bones

Still the best fun day of the year Dan?

I would say the answer is a big “yes”. He enjoyed it as much as last year. Hopefully he will continue to enjoy Halloween for years to come. It’s just a bit of fun and great for the kids to dress up.

Meanwhile I have a complaint to make. The shopping centres need to rein it in more than a little bit. These bloody Christmas decorations were out even before the Halloween decorations in many places. Some shops and supermarket had aisles with Christmas stuff on one side and Halloween stuff on the other. That really makes no sense.

Way too bloody early! These were in the local shopping centre even before Halloween decorations.

Please can we get one out of the way before the other takes over? Is that too much to ask?

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