The Times They Are A Changin. Or Are They?

Oops. Time has flown by so quickly that I never even managed to write about Dani’s third birthday. Suffice to say, at this rather late stage, that he had a great time and was visited by members of his UK family. Nanna, Auntie and cousin to be exact, with two great aunties in tow too.

Over a month has passed since I put fingers to keyboard. Where did that go? OK, I have been fairly busy with two trips back to the UK including one week with Dani. Those days fly by quicker than any others. There is never enough hours in a day to see all the people that you want to. Partly because they have work to go to so that really leaves only the evenings and weekends and those can be already fully booked. My original plan for this year was to spend alternate months between Spain and the UK which would have given more opportunity to visit people at weekends while over there. However that plan never materialised so we try to do what we can in the weekly slots. That said, I need to manage my time  a lot better. Any tips?

All the Christmas shopping has been done; with the help of the internet and gift vouchers of course. I have even been looking into returning to the workplace. Agh! Yes it is eleven months since I left the world of work. My plan (as much as there was one) was to take a year off work and that time is almost up. Never mind the past month. Where did the past eleven months go? I will admit that I am not looking forward to it but I have started reading and replying to work related emails. Yet I know it is inevitable.

Changin Times?

Just a quick mention about another earth shattering event that happened just before Dani’s 3rd birthday: The USA elected a new president; one Donald Trump. Actually it was hardly earth shattering despite the way some people are carrying on. In fact this old dad saw it coming. The times they are a changin’. The words to Dylan’s famous song ring loud and true 53 years after it was first released. It could just as easily be referring to the present. In other words; are the times really a changin’ ??

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