Things that make you go Hmmm…

Remember these? Here’s a couple of things that some in the UK may recognise. Anyone over a certain age that is…

That’s the Wonder of Woolies…

Not to be confused with the Woolworths Plc that we grew up with in the UK. The one that went bust some years back. Woolworths is a big supermarket chain in Australia and ranks highly on their stock market.

It’s a Wrap

Here’s another one I haven’t seen for a long time. When did these go out of fashion? These were definitely used in the UK some years ago. I really can’t recall when they stopped using them though.

Why did they stop using them? It can’t be a plastic reduction thing because in Australia the green lobby is just as big (or bad?) as anywhere else. And besides, they were replaced by another piece of plastic – in the form of a sticky strip. Why are they still being used in Australia?

Who knows? Who cares? Just a couple of observations…

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