Never Enough Hours

All this house -hunting is interfering with my plans to do some serious site seeing.

Plans to Explore on Hold

I have spotted a few interesting off beat things to look into but will have to put them on hold a short while. Finding a place to live definitely has to take priority right now. It can be time consuming. Even when there are two or more places to see in one small area the times can vary by up to two hours between properties. Often the immediate surroundings do not offer anything worth exploring so its back off ‘home’ (i.e. hotel) or to the nearest shops generally trying to kill the time.

On a similar theme I have completed my search for suitable gyms to do some training and generally get fit. There are many in the area and several are quite good. However, this will also need to take a back seat until we get settled in our new abode – wherever and whenever that may be.


Finding somewhere suitable to live is tricky anywhere. Of course, depending on your definition of ‘suitable’ this can be all the more difficult. In the areas we have been looking it seems that there are hardly any the size we thought we might get, at the price we can afford. Always the way I suppose.

Therefore, I have been scaling it down to the next size and there are quite a few. They still need viewing and then there is the application process to go through. Even getting to see a place is a job in itself. You can apply online for an “inspection” but they only offer certain viewing slots (often on Saturdays – understandable I guess) and even when you think you have booked one they text you to cancel it.

Even more frustrating is when two different agents offer the same time slots for viewings. Definitely not OK when the properties are a good 20-minute walk apart. The “inspection” slots usually only last 15 minutes.

Technically we still have over 2 weeks to find a place, but the clock is ticking.

Banks…The usual…

Meanwhile one of my first jobs needs to be done again. One of the jobs I gave myself on the first day here was to open a bank account. Which I did. Or so I thought. I am still waiting for my debit/ATM card which they promised would arrive a few days ago! No doubt it will turn up tomorrow. Why am I confident that will happen tomorrow? Because I am off to open another one at a different bank today. Isn’t that always the way it works?

Hey! You can’t wait for these people can you?

Happy Birthday to me – Sort of

In all the excitement I missed the fact that yesterday was the fourth anniversary of this Blog. That’s today still,  if you are reading this right now in Europe. Oh how time flies… I can still recall thinking about what to write in my opening post. Four years of articles and photos. Some nonsense, some I still find funny myself. Plus the odd rant. There’s certainly a lot of stuff for Dani to read when he is old enough to be remotely interested in this sh1t… Which I think is still a fair way off.

So; Happy Birthday to us!

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    1. Thanks Rich. Keep on reading, there’s plenty more to come. So much in fact that I forget what I want to write about most days so make it up as I go hahaaa

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