House-Hunting: As I Was Saying…

Well that was a good example of what I was saying in the previous post…

Typical house viewing capers…

I had two properties to visit. Separated but about an hour and a half – either side of lunchtime. Physically however only separated by a matter of 50 metres.

The agent was a little late turning up for the first place but that was not a problem. The second property was different though. I waited a good 15 minutes. Some of that time with another perspective tenant. An interesting guy as it happens. An Italian bloke about 10 years older than myself. He had lived in Sydney for over 10 years then chose to go travelling. It just goes to show you are never too old eh? Now he is back and effectively homeless. Just as well he was there because the agent sent him a text message saying that the place had just been leased. In other words, the agent wasn’t turning up and we had wasted our time. By the way; I never received such a message on this occasion.

Good old Google Maps

As luck would have it I did not have to hang around for nearly 2 hours between the two viewings. Thanks to google maps I found a pub some 5-10 minute walk away. As it was lunchtime this was the perfect place to take a break.

An interesting place too. Very much a British looking establishment (see photo). Very unlike the Aussie pubs I have mentioned in recent posts. But it certainly did the job.

Incidentally, I am not a fan of companies like Google and Facebook etc. Partly because of the way they dominate people’s thoughts and such-like and partly because of the Luddite in me. But that google maps is definitely one of the more useful applications on your mobile phone. During this house-hunting caper this mobile phone tool is proving to be very useful.

Good News…

Some good news. When we get a car the fuel prices will be much cheaper than in the UK or Madrid. In fact, almost half the UK price.

 Bad News

I just heard that Kirk Douglas has died at the grand old age of 103 !! He was in many of the movies that I watched when I first got interested in cinema.

All I can say is: “I’m Sparticus!” May he rest in peace.

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