Here Comes the Rain!

Everybody knows how much this was needed here in New South Wales and in other parts of Australia.

Today it Rained

And how it rained! Very heavy. In the UK we are used to a lot of rainy days but very rarely does it rain as much as it did here today. We have had some rain over the past two weeks but nothing like this. I wouldn’t say it was ‘biblical’ but it was monsoon-like.

Rain. Sydney, NSW 7th Feb 2020

Apparently it is set to continue over the weekend. Great news for us – NOT! We have about 7 or 8 property viewings to cram in. Looks like taxis to get around. Which is good news or poor Dani. He gets really bored – generally after the first property. So not having to walk miles as well will be a welcome relief to the lad.

The fire service were most pleased as you can imagine.  One fire chef I saw on the news was almost in tears (of joy).

Bad Old Dad

Unbelievable. I can’t think how it happened but today at the end of his first full week in school here I forgot to pick him up on time. I arrived more than 50 minutes late to find Dani and one other child still in their classroom with their teacher. I made my apologies and ushered him out as quickly as I could, slightly embarrassed. In my defence they do finish early on Friday. 2.07pm in fact. An odd time but no excuses. I picked him up at that time last Friday so what on earth happened?

The only thing I can say as any kind of mitigation is that I have been bombarded today with property listings, cancellations and also the odd viewing. I managed to get a lift back to the hotel from the owners of one viewing as they took pity on me in the torrential rain. I have been trying to juggle the possible property inspections for tomorrow. Planning a route based on the locations and times. It would be so much easier if they allowed me to view some of these places in the week. Tomorrow there are simply too many properties that clash – with the same viewing time slots. Not great but we will have to make the most of it.

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