Things to do in Sydney When it Rains

This week the weather will mostly be… Rainy!

So, what does that mean? Apart from probably getting soaked wet through. It means that I need to find some indoor or tour-based activities. Because swimming outdoors (my plan for at least part of this week) is definitely off the agenda.

NEVER forget the Brolly!

As I type the rain is gushing down. I mean serious rain. So much for all those bush fires a couple of months ago eh? We both got completely drenched yesterday morning when I misjudged the conditions. Yes, it was raining but not too heavy. I decided to go by car but forgot Dani’s coat and the umbrella. When we arrived I was lucky enough to find a parking spot right across the road from the school gate. But then the heavens opened up fully. Biblical proportions – as they say. I was prepared to wait a while and see if it eased off (as we were a little early) but Dani said, “let’s get this over with”. So, we did. We only walked (ran) across the road and up the school yard – all of 20 metres – but got completely soaked. I had to walk back of course and when I got in the car it was as if I had jumped in a swimming pool fully clothed.

Yesterday I spent some time in the money museum. Now I need to plan for more rainy days…

Craft Beer Tour

And what better way to spend a rainy day than on a craft beer tour I hear you say. You know what? I agree with you. So, the plan for tomorrow is to take a half day tour with a well-known beer tour company. If there is availability. I will not be the only one who is wondering what to do in the rain.

Anyway, you can be sure of a full report and tour review – as always. I must remember to ask the tour guide how this virus thing is affecting trade.

That is Plan A. Plan B could be to try to find a supermarket still with some toilet roll on its shelves. Seriously… it just gets crazier by the day here..

Toilet Rolls Anyone?

This Coronavirus nonsense is getting out of hand now. People in Sydney (certain areas in particular it seems) have been panic buying all the toilet roll. Yesterday reports say that some woman (allegedly) pulled a knife on another shopper – I mean hoarder – in a supermarket scrap over toilet paper. Stockpiling toilet roll seems odd to me. It is really (almost) a luxury item and if there is one thing that you possibly (probably even) could go without in times of crisis it is toilet paper. Venezuela proves that. A whole country still somehow functioning (although questionably perhaps) for years without most people having toilet paper. The Venezuelan example is because under its communist style regime they just cannot provide the basics – toilet paper included. No such problems in capitalist Australia and Sydney in particular. But that has not stopped these idiots raiding all the bog roll.

I wonder what they are thinking? Do they realise that there are other alternatives to toilet roll, but not to having no food? Are they also stockpiling food? If not, then they may not be using much toilet paper anyhow. You can’t eat the fecking stuff for crying out loud!

There is serious side to all of this, however. The most worrying thing is not the spread of any virus, or the lack of toilet paper on the shelves. It is the fact that these people are so stupid – crazy even – that if real panic set in then anything is possible. People are really nuts… And remember folks; Mad Max was set in Australia!

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