How to Start a Panic Buy

Here’s one I never thought I would see. How to start a panic buying spree for hand sanitiser (and similar products). Brought to you by the Sydney council or New South Wales government or some other similar group in ‘authority’.


Someone in a position of authority thought it was a good idea to get a skywriter to put the words “WASH HANDS” over the city. Will this genius be named? I doubt it. As if anyone needs to be told. As if some are even going to pay attention (if they even saw it). This is truly pathetic. The only outcome of this publicity stunt is that tomorrow the supermarkets will be rationing hand sanitiser and other such cleaning products. If they are not already doing so.

I noticed it just after the first word had been written while Dani and I were walking home from school. I took a photo then wondered where the plane was. I knew what was coming. As we entered the tree-lined streets on our route home I saw it writing the second word. So apologies if it is not very clear. Also it appeared upside down from our perspective.

Hanks has it….

I just read that Tom Hanks and his wife (Mrs. Hanks I assume) have contracted coronavirus while in the Gold Coast in Australia. Not sure whether they are here to promote a film or on holiday but apparently they are now in a hospital. I don’t know the details and do not want to trawl through the media as I really don’t think that helps. I stand by that saying: ‘If you don’t read the news you’re uninformed. If you do read the news you’re misinformed.’

I know I am cynical about all of this (some would say extremely); but if an ‘A’ list celebrity has the virus then its just means lots more media coverage spreading lots more panic. How long before one of the Kardashians (whoever they are) has it? Then it will be all over their Instagram or whatever form of ‘social media’ they use these days. At least that would make sure a certain age group gets the scare message eh…

Getting harder to fathom…

The truth is I really don’t know what to make of it all now. It takes up at least 90% of the media yet nobody is coming up with any kind of sensible plan. Some may be told to work from home and some schools are closed for a few weeks. But what about everyone else? We passed a bus today that must have had 200 people on board. Packed. If there is one way to spread a virus I would have thought public transport comes somewhere near the top of the list. So anyone living with a person sent home from work/school and still using pubic transport is just going to take it home for everyone to enjoy.

I guess what I am saying is that it should be all or nothing. Carry on regardless or all stay at home and panic. I prefer the first of these options. I just hope the idiot who came up with this skywriting idea has the balls to come forward. We shall see…


All big sporting events are going ahead this weekend. Also at Bondi Beach this Sunday there is a Latin American Festival. It will be interesting to see how any turn up for that one. Life goes on…

Footnote: (very tenuously related)
Skywriter. Sweep you silver pen across the sky. So High – Opening lyrics of the Jackson 5 hit from 1973. Before they changed their name to ‘The Jacksons’ and when Michael still had some talent left.

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