The Increasingly Curious Case of Coronavirus in Oz

I wrote about the curious case of Australia and coronavirus (aka covid19) a few weeks ago. The whole thing has been odd in Australia because there never was a real lockdown. Most people just go out as and when they feel. Quite rightly too in my opinion. So many things have remained normal that it is impossible to see how politicians (and their advisers) can take any credit for any success which may be perceived in the next few weeks. But of course they will.

The Good, The Bad and The Stupid

Well after several weeks of (so called) “lockdown” there have been less than 100 deaths in Australia attributed to coronavirus. Yeah, really. In 2018 there were 28 deaths from breast cancer in Australia – for MEN!!! That’s right. It seems to average around 30 per year for data I could find. Male breast cancer has killed as many in the last few years as covid19.  And covid19 is supposedly today’s answer to the bubonic plague! Get your heads around that one for a minute…

So what’s really going on in Oz? So few deaths with no real lockdown “to flatten the curve”. There is no bloody curve. Not even a bump. It is really non-existent. So; Let’s look at what has been done, what they say has been done and what has not been done. Some things about it are contradictory, some are clearly odd or just damn funny. 

Lockdown of citizens? It has to be a “no” to that one. Supposedly, and when asked on the news channels they talk about it like it is happening, but in reality people go out and about as they wish. They did close beaches but then the promenades are packed with people brushing shoulders etc…
Closing of restaurants? Yes. But they can all offer takeaway food services and deliveries. If you are really worried about this virus then read the story of Typhoid Mary and think again about getting a takeaway meal (and this recent post). 
Incidentally the delivery lads and girls are generally from the back-packer community which was supposed to have been responsible for ‘spikes’ in the infection rate because of the way they flout the ‘social distancing’ rules (amongst other things!).
Closing of pubs? Yes. This is one they have done and will be the very last measure to be lifted. Bastards!
Closing shops? Yes and no. Most food stores have always remained open – and not just supermarkets. All of them really. Clothes shops and shoe shops and places to buy things for the home are generally closed (with very few exceptions).  Many other shops have just stayed open; here are some examples: Bookstores, TV/HiFi/PC type places, white goods stores (let’s face it, the sale of freezers has gone to the  moon and back!), booze stores (apparently considered an “essential” service). Surf shops too  – clearly an Aussie “essential” service now the beaches are reopen for surfers. A walk down some out of town streets will show that most independent stores are trying their best to stay open; good for them I say.
Hairdressers? Nope! They are still open. Amazingly with a 1.5 metre social distancing order these people can still cut your hair. Again, good for them. I wonder if hairdressers are good basketball players?
Stop Sporting events? Well, yes. They did stop all rugby and Aussie Rules footie, horse racing and any event that lots of people attend. We can’t have people enjoying themselves now can we? Bizarrely, the horse racing still takes place but to empty racecourses.
Ban on flights entering the country? No. They never did this. Not at all. The claims by politicians that they closed borders is pure shit! Fancy them lying about that eh? Whatever next? Many airlines are no longer operating most routes so the numbers are way down, but there are still several that enter Australia (and every other western country by the way). And let’s not get into the cruise ship debacle. But in the end it seems they did stop ships docking and disembarking thousands of people some of whom were known to be infected. You couldn’t make that one up could you?

“Social distancing”?

If you combine the crazy idea of allowing takeaway food from restaurant with the 1.5 metre distancing then why can’t restaurants be open? People congregate around place to get their food. Often infringing on other people’s space. Why can’t they sit at well spaced tables?

All the bottle shops are open. All of them! They clearly want people to drink themselves into a state where they accept their fate, but they don’t want people drinking in pubs where they can socialise and talk about the scale of political cock-up in these virus times.

Internal flights continue despite certain states “closing their borders”. Flights are generally full so you can imagine how the ‘social distancing’ works on those aeroplanes. Another huge joke!

Beaches were closed but when did you ever see people set their towels deliberately right next to someone they do not know? People generally avoid each other on beaches and doing so is far easier than in a supermarket aisle. Yet they have partially reopened beaches in Sydney allow swimming and surfing only. Surfers bob the waves in small packs probably only one metre apart most of the time. Similarly those “swimmers” (most of whom just want a dip) congregate at the shoreline or on the promenade. It is laughable.

Mobile Phones will sort it all out? What!!?

Then to top it all there is now a mobile phone “app” they want us to all download. You get a message from your mobile network: “Help us to keep you safe and ease restrictions by downloading the CovidSafe app now.”

Is there anything more pathetic than that?  What about a common sense approach like protect the old and vulnerable? while other are tested and if OK can return to work? What about herd immunity? Or even a vaccine? Oh no; a bloody mobile phone “app” is going to make all the difference. For crying out loud. This shows how far we have fallen. How can people be so dumb not to see this for what it really is. It is to track everything you do, everywhere you go! From the wording it looks more like they are blackmailing us. When enough get this “app” they will ease restrictions? Yeah, right mate! Yes, I know what we are supposed to think this “app” is meant to do etc… but this is completely ridiculous. 

Remember: All this rubbish when less than 100 have died of this virus. Anyone still asleep? Whatever the governments tell us, whatever measures they try to implement, there has not been a serious coronavirus outbreak in Australia. I for one still think that Australia is a very curious case. Can anyone explain it?

But here come’s the flip side…

It is now flu season in Australia. That’s ‘normal’ flu to us non medical experts. Us plebs that are not good enough to be one of the hundreds of chief medical officers and government medical advisers that seem to have popped up this year. The temperature has dropped quite drastically this past week. In recent years there have been a few big flu outbreaks in Oz. Killing far more than this latest virus. One only a year ago. So the big question is: Are things about to take a turn for the worse in Australia?

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