Parrot Fever? Who Needs Coronavirus Virus

Parrot Fever Interferes with Weekend Plans

I was checking the internet to see how accessible (or not) the Blue Mountains areas would be this weekend. Within one minute I found a “news” item warning people to avoid contact with wild birds because of something called “parrot fever”

I shit you not! (and ‘shit’ is the operative word here). I really wish I was joking, but sadly no. As if all this corona crap wasn’t enough? I have heard the term ‘bat shit crazy’ but now we have this bloody parrot shit fever!! You really could not make it up…

Local News Site…

Anyway, in the interests of even handed and unbiased reporting, here is a snippet of that article. Then you will know as much as me:

Blue Mountains and Lithgow residents have been warned to avoid contact with wild birds after three local residents were diagnosed with “parrot fever”.
The Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District said three residents have been diagnosed with psittacosis, also known as “parrot fever”, since April.
Psittacosis is a rare bacterial infection acquired through exposure to infected birds or their droppings. Symptoms may develop between five and 28 days after exposure, and may range from a mild flu-like illness to severe pneumonia requiring hospitalisation. Older people generally experience more severe symptoms. The disease can be treated with antibiotics…
… Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District public health director, Dr Bradley Forssman, is advising locals to take care around wild birds and when mowing the lawn.
“Exposure to birds, or dust containing bird droppings, can result in infection. Direct contact with wild birds, including handling and feeding, should be avoided where possible,” he said.
Protective equipment, including a dust mask and gloves, should be worn where contact is unavoidable and also when gardening or lawn mowing in areas where birds may have left droppings, according to Dr Forssman.

This was the source:

I admit it is funny…

Shortly after the initial shock I did find this article funny. But let’s talk straight here. Since when did anyone think it would be a good idea to go playing with bird shit? Any bird shit. The world was always a fairly wild place, but since this coronavirus nonsense any remaining shreds of common sense seem to have been made illegal, or extinct, or something…

“…where contact is unavoidable…”?

And what about that part about protective equipment? “Protective equipment, including a dust mask and gloves, should be worn where contact is unavoidable…”

Really? Really!?

I really must touch that bird shit. It’s unavoidable. Totally unavoidable. I have to do it or will never be able to show my face in public ever again. Best put my protective dust mask and gloves on then eh? Unavoidable? On what planet is touching bird shit unavoidable? Anyway, on a more serious note; this ‘parrot fever’ could end up being worse than coronavirus in Australia. The country has not seen any real covid outbreak (yet) but there is plenty of bird-life to spread shit everywhere. Watch this space…

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