Weekend on Outskirts of the City

Last weekend we took a couple of trips over to the north and west side of Sydney.

Lane Cove National Park

Sandwiched between northern and western suburbs of Lindfield and Macquarie is the valley carved out by the Lane Cove River. This forms the Lane Cove National Park and is an incredibly tranquil area within eyesight of the towering city centre buildings. A total oasis offering water-sports such as rowing and canoeing with walking and cycling paths. There is even a holiday park with cabins for rent or caravan spots for hire. And plenty of picnic and BBQ points. There are also wild turkeys wandering about the park.

Lane Cove River
Amazingly tranquil yet so close to the City Centre.
Wild Australian Brush Turkey wandering around the Visitor Centre

The weather wasn’t too kind but this was only a first visit. We now know that we can hire a boat and find a spot to fish. Next time will be even better…

Dani at the River
Natural Beauty in Lane Cove National Park

Penrith and the Napean River

The following day we headed due west. Stopping just short of the Blue Mountains this time. A place called Penrith. 

As things are still not fully opened up and it was a Sunday, there was little to do in the town centre. But just outside of Penrith are the Regatta lakes used for the rowing and canoeing events at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. That was almost 20 years ago to the day! Twenty years! The place still seems pristine and, yet again, would be a great place to come back to when they have an event on.

Great River Walk
Just around the corner (sort of) from the Regatta Centre is the Nepean river and ‘The Great River Walk’. It basically does exactly what you would expect. Following the banks of the surprisingly large Nepean River.

Some of the early bridges that were built to cross this river were washed away during high rains. This is a much larger river than I expected. Another great possible fishing spot.

Then there was this place…

Emu Hall Bar and Restaurant

Emu Hall. I noticed a lot of people crossing the footbridge to the other side of the river so I checked my phone and there it was. On the way back to the car we crossed the river thinking we could grab a coffee. When we arrived it was clear that the bar area was open. Great I thought, we can have a civilised beer in a real pub environment. Sadly they had no ales on tap. Only bottled lagers. Typical. I settled for a coffee and a burger and chips.

Still, when real pubs are still not allowed to open it is god to know that there are places like this. Just when will they get a supply of good ales though?

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