How to Tell if this Coronavirus Thing is Over?

How do we Know that this ‘Pandemic’ is Over? What is the true sign? The green light if you like, which tells us we are back to “normal”.

Cafés or Libraries?

Could it be that Cafes are now serving their customers on the premises? Not really. They are only allowed 10 customers for some crazy reason. More officious crackpots at work no doubt. Anyway they never ever fully shut up shop. They just polluted the planet a little more by only having takeaway coffee with plastic lids.

Is it that the public libraries are open? Erm…actually they are still closed. I have no idea why either. I have been in a few over here and there is always way more than enough ‘social distancing’ space. Bookshops meanwhile were one of those shops that never closed. I spent about half an hour in one this morning flipping through pages of kids books (for Dani) and history books (for myself). What is the difference between doing that in a bookshop or a library? Simple. The library is run by the council. Say no more.

Pubs or Schools?

Is it that Pubs are reopening? No, sadly not. Sorry folks. I am beginning to think that this one will never happen. Let’s face it. The last thing the politicians and councillors want is people socialising over a few scoops while dissecting their pathetic performance during this panic-demic/planned-demic/crock-of-shit*

(* – delete as appropriate)

Is it that Schools officially reopened this week? Nope. Well they never really closed in Australia, despite ambiguous messages from the leaders of each state in Australia kids could always go to school. Dani ‘missed’ one day – which he did online. Only the kids whose parents were hiding behind the sofa remained doing home-schooling for any length of time.


Ah. Maybe it’s that the beaches are now open again? Which reminds me; I never did the update on that one. Filing system for surfers (and swimmers) to go in and out of the sea. Then piss off! “Surf and Go” the signs say. Well actually I can sum it up in one word – “Pathetic”. In any case most beaches always remained open and it varied state to state and (in the case of Sydney) depending on the area council. More ambiguity.

This is it…

No. The surest sign that things are getting back to normal is that the LEGO shop has reopened. Seven days a week. And about time too. Now kids (big and small) can wonder around and swap germs to the enjoyment of that great toy. Mixing at the brick play area handling the same bricks. Great! A true sense of ‘normality’, as much as we have it. But at least this is normality as far as the kids are concerned. Good for the Lego shop I say…


And that is a timely reminder. I will publish the answers to the Lego Movie and Music Quiz posted almost weeks ago. If you missed it and want to test your film and pop group knowledge then you can see that one here

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