Star Wars on The Big Screen

Today we went to the cinema to see what for me is one of the greatest movies ever made. I say that when it is not even on my all time top ten (well, possibly not) but it was a film that changed everything in the movie industry. It was more spectacular than anything else made before it.  Yet it still managed to appear more realistic than all the computer generated graphics made films of today. That film was Star Wars. The original and arguably the best, also known as Episode IV -A New Hope.

We have this film on DVD of course, just as many people do. It has also been on TV often enough, so Dani has seen it several times already. But only ever on the small screen. Was the big screen showing of this classic good versus evil space tale going to be any different?

The Film…

The film itself was incredibly popular when it first came out back in 1977. I remember sitting in an old cinema being amazed when this thing hit the screen. A cinema long since demolished to make way for some completely garbage shops – many of which are now themselves empty. This was a different cinema experience altogether. I was actually glued to the back of cinema seat totally transfixed with what I saw. They did it all with models and real special effects unlike the computer generated graphics used just about everywhere today.
This film was extra special to any kid who saw it. You could even say out of this world – if you pardon the pun. 

You all know the story right? So that saves any quick plot explanation. Suffice to say it the classic tale of good versus evil. Only in a galaxy far, far away. Oh, and there’s something called a ‘Death Star’.  

How did Dani like it?

This time I never had the cinema to myself. Apart from Dani and his mum there were quite a few others in the theatre. Classic films like this will always draw an audience when they are shown on the big screen.

This was only the second time I had seen this movie on the big screen. Dani’s mum had never seen it in the cinema. In fact this was not the original original. It was the second version where they overlaid some computer graphics and enhanced some of the scenes. I can’t say that I was as blown away as the first time I saw it on this scale but being there with my son was great fun. He definitely loved it more on that huge screen with the loud surround sound. The full cinematic experience. He even wore his Darth Vader costume. 

Back to the Future…

I also saw online that it is the 35th anniversary of another great movie. One which Dani has watched recently and loved. ‘Back to the Future’ with Michael J. Fox. They are showing that classic film on the big screen too. Just not on the cinema that is nearest to us. Yet. I will be keeping and eye out for that one…

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