Heading as far North as Possible

July 6th:
More from our holidays. This is what happened on July 6th.
More coronavirus crap as Melbourne has some “new cases” (or so they say – I still think it’s all bullshit) There is talk of closing state borders with Victoria again (yawn!!) but up here we could not get into Queensland without a permit. Despite there being plenty of people from Queensland down here in the Byron Bay area. Dani made two little mates on the camp site who returned home yesterday to Gold Coast – just north of the ‘border’. It is supposed to be a “pandemic” which means a global problem. So why aren’t countries at least doing a nationwide thing. Pathetic. And just goes to show it is not really as bad as they are trying to make out. Anyway, enough of that crap…

Into Queensland – Just…

We headed as far north as we could without driving into Queensland. A town called Tweed Heads directly north. The town sits on the River Tweed estuary and is actually split between New South Wales and Queensland. We got there early enough to avoid the traffic jams caused by the “border” control. We could have driven into the northern state but that would have entailed going online for a permit. Nah!. Can’t be arsed with that rubbish. As it turned out the streets are not policed (and really cannot be) to the same extent – if at all. There are some streets which actually divides the two states. One with the obvious name Boundary Street, runs from the Captain James Cook memorial (and lighthouse) at Point Danger – overlooking the sea – down to a split pyramid like modern artwork at the other end. All along the street the tree-lined centre verge marks the “border”.

Captain James Cook Memorial and Lighthouse
One foot in each State 

Surfers pack the waves at Point Danger

Technically we broke the law but does anyone really care? Where we were staying there were many families from Queensland. Kids playing together with others from New South Wales. Then returning to Queensland. There were even plenty of people on holiday from Melbourne – shock, horror! – that  supposedly plague ridden infestation. Haaa it’s all so laughable. What a pointless exercise closing the “border”. It’s another crazy case of power going to the heads of those in charge of the individual states. They really are loving this planned-demic aren’t they?

The State dividing line

Gold Coast

The Queensland side of Tweed Heads actually marks the start of the Gold Coast. There are a few beaches close to the town but the actual metropolis called Gold Coast can be clearly seen in the distance around the coast. It looks to me like an Aussie version of Benidorm. Once a holiday destination now a sprawling city in its own right.

The Start of the Gold Coast
The Skyscrapers of Gold Coast resort, not too far away…

In hindsight maybe we should have made the effort to get a car permit and driven half an hour more up to Gold Coast. It would be good to see the place without all the tourists. There may not be another opportunity to see it so quiet.

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