Here We Go – Is this the real coronavirus agenda?

I was never worried by all this coronavirus nonsense. Maybe because I never paid too much attention to the media (something I strongly advise everyone to do). Maybe because I have seen it all before with other “pandemic” scares. Swine flu, bird flu, SARS to name a few. The best text/email/whatever I have seen during this whole farce is the one that reads, “The Media is the Virus”. So true.

Our “Leaders” do worry me…

The virus itself does not bother me. We all know now that it only affects people of a certain age and/or with already existing ‘pre-conditions’ So called ‘vulnerable’ people. It does not affect children.  Even if they are ‘carriers’ their teachers and parents do not seem to be catching this disease. If they were then the schools here would have closed by default not by some government decree. And teachers would have been dropping like flies. This has not happened.

What really bothers me now is the governments. They are beginning to get way out of hand. They are dragging this thing out as much as possible and continually doing everything they can to scare their people. They are loving this a little bit too much for my liking.

No singing, No sports

So the New South Wales government have decreed that all those things that make school enjoyable for many kids are now banned. It really is pathetic.  We received an email from the school saying that choir practice (any form of group singing in fact) and playing of wind instruments are not permitted. Also the competitive sports against other schools has been suspended. It is not the school to blame they are only following the government rules.  Hmm… Only following orders eh? Where have I heard that one before? Vee haf vays of making you talk…

And now…Here it comes….

Anyway, all joking aside it is just another way of dragging out the agony and spreading this pathetic mess out for another two months or so. And now they are talking about making the vaccine mandatory. The first feelers are already being put out there in Australia. Rumours are already circulating that people will not be allowed to work if they do not take up a vaccine that (if it even comes) will have been rushed through and will be unproven. They are only rumours and supposition at this stage but we know where that can lead.

I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry so I know how long these things take and what is involved. Anyone who takes this vaccine that will have clearly been rushed out, is asking for trouble. But forget all that. Why would you even take an injection for something which really does not affect you? This thing is only a real problem for a small number of (mainly) elderly people. Why make everyone of a fit and working age take it?

Now ask yourself the big question: Would you allow your child to be injected with an unproven and unnecessary vaccine?

Unnecessary for kids at least. They are not affected by this corona crap at all!!

Lots of “ifs”

If there are to be penalties and if they do not allow Dani’s mum to continue in her work then it looks like we will be leaving Australia sooner than expected. A lot sooner the way it appears to be heading. We are both agree there is no way they are giving our son that ‘vaccine’. If there even is one…

But it is all ‘ifs, buts and maybes’ isn’t it? Could it be that all this talk of a possible vaccine (that hasn’t been made yet) and what they will do with it (if it ever does get made) is just more crap to keep the people in fear?

So for now let’s just relax and use those three little words…We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go – Is this the real coronavirus agenda?

  1. All I know is a friend of my sons lost both his parents who were not what you would term vulnerable in two days flat. Ergo this pandemic is real and vicious. There is no conspiracy here I can assure you.

    1. That’s very sad Ian. But that kind of thing happens all the time with all the different flu strains. Here in Oz there were far more hospitalised and died in last year’s flu season (which was a particularly bad one – they do come and go like that of course) but nobody suggested locking everyone up.

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