Paddington Market Reopens

Paddington Market

Way back in mid-March I posted about a day in the Paddington district (click here for that one). That was just before the coronavirus “lockdown” started properly, but the Paddington Market was closed that day due to high winds! It remained closed right up until yesterday – thanks to that virus garbage. Now this popular market which opens every Saturday was on again. So, off we went to take a look.

Warmer and Sunnier

The weather was a little too cool in the shade but fine in the sun. It was also quite breezy but the market reopened to the public.

It was nothing too inspiring to be fair, but it passed a bit of time. There was the usual mix of clothing, bags, jewellery and food stalls. The setting is nice however and the neighbouring streets are welcoming.

Underwood Street on the other corner of the pub.
William Street, one side of the pub

I photographed this William street section in March. It looks so much better in brighter weather. There are plenty of quirky shops in this street and now they are all open so the place was bustling. But you can keep those quirky shops, because for me, this is the place I wanted to go to…

The London Tavern, Paddington.

The London Hotel Tavern in Paddington. It sounds like a trip to London doesn’t it? And this pub would not look out of place in the British capital either. It was closed when we last went around this area, because of the virus – I think? But not now. Great! Those two pints of Hazy IPA really hit the spot.

Dan & Dad’s Excellent Adventure
(Not to be confused with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

It is now school holidays and tomorrow (Monday 28th) Dani and me are off on a little adventure into the New South Wales outback. We are up very early to take a 13 hour train ride to the famous town of Broken Hill. It is just about as far west as you can travel in New South Wales just before the border with the state of South Australia. While Dani’s mum has to work (aww shame) me and the lad will be seeing what that town has to offer.


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