Classic Sydney Pics

Back from our boys holiday in the outback – more on that to come – and it was a fairly lazy day in Sydney today…

Botanical gardens

Morning in the botanical gardens in the city centre. A beautiful park well groomed and full of plant-life from all over the world. An easy place to spend half a day, or even a full one.

There are some incredible trees here…
CBD from the park

Plus this is the best place to get that classic money shot with your camera. Only in my case my mobile phone has all but packed up.

The money shot… OK, it’s official, I need a new phone!
Dani with the classic back-drop

Close to the park the city centre is an odd mix of old and new.

Old buildings holding up a modern skyscraper?

Then at sunset…

That same city centre with the bridge and opera house is the skyline that makes for a great sunset. So, at sundown we went to Vaucluse and this is how it looks…

The Bridge at sunset
City Centre Silhouette
North Sydney still getting some sunlight
Sydney skyline at sunset

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