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This week, for the first time ever, the top three box office movies in Australia were all Australian films. Those movies are: #1 The Dry, #2 Penguin Bloom and #3 High Ground.
Today I went to see The Dry and I can start this review with the conclusion. This is a very good movie. 


The movie stars Eric Bana as Federal Agent Aaron Falk. He returns to his remote home town Kiewarra after living in the big city over twenty years to attend the funeral of his old school mate, Luke. It hasn’t rained in almost one full year in Kiewarra and everyone is tense. But Luke had seemingly shot his wife Karen and child Billy (but thankfully not their baby daughter) before turning the gun on himself. Aaron is set to return to the city after the funeral but Luke’s parents ask him to stay and investigate the circumstances of the crime.

Falk is continuously harassed by the people of the town. It turns out that in the past he and his father were forced to leave the town when Ellie (a friend he was romantically involved with) died in the river. A river which is now completely dry.

Faulk is guilt ridden as he lied about his whereabouts all those years ago. The story jumps back to that time throughout the movie as the pieces finally start to come together. 

Spoiler Alert?

I will not spoil it, but I will say that the ending was a little surprising. Then just when you thought it was over there is a final twist. Several people fall under suspicion including Gretchen the fourth of the close school friends. One obvious suspect is eliminated only when Faulk recognises the final and main clue. 


This is a murder/mystery/thriller/drama – all in one. It is not fast paced but it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. The Dry is an excellent example of a low budget movie that require zero special effects. What makes this a such good film is the excellent story. Not too complicated but intricate enough. On the 5 star system I would give it 4 out of 5. 

Even the corny scene I was half expecting, never came. The one where the skies open up with a torrent of rain towards the end of the movie breaking the drought just as the crime is solved. 

I can definitely recommend The Dry. This is the best movie I have seen at the cinema for some time.

2 thoughts on “Film Review – The Dry

  1. Australian cinema is definitely underrated. At the moment their film and TV series rival anything America and UK have to offer.
    Look forward to seeing this one. Thanks for not spoiling the ending 👍

    1. I would agree with that Lynette. Aussie cinema is on the rise for sure. Also many Hollywood movies are being filmed in Australia. That is a little curious because costs here are high, and if Hollywood film-makers go out of their way it is usually to places like Argentina where overall costs are much lower.

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